Celebrate Your Eid with Jomo's amazing Collection of Shoes & Clothes


Celebration sometimes feels like guilt given the recent times. It is understood and highly responsible not meeting people outside of the ones you may live with, to maintain social distance and avoid going out, not just for yourself but also for the rest of the population. Given the facts, this does not mean we can’t celebrate and enjoy while being responsible. 

Shopping sprees might not be what they used to but let’s try our best and make do with what we have… which is online shopping! From buying gifts for others this Eid or buying a festive suit for yourself, everything is now available online… even Eid footwear!

So let’s be hopeful this Eid and celebrate a little differently, even if it means dressing up for the zoom calls or an intimate family lunch or dinner. You have every right and opportunity to look and feel good.

FESTIVE SHOES FOR WOMEN featuring the perfect style (the best is yet to come)

Now… the main event, the shopping! Shoes for women are not just a must for Eid ul fitr this season but also ladies’ sandals and slippers are a must in summer season. These are the best options to wear as they are easily pairable with almost every outfit possible and perfect for this hot season as well. 

Since we all know Eid shoes are a must have to pair with every outfit, they are also essential for future use. If you are going with more of a formal look, then you would require pairs that could also be used for more formal settings ahead… so you’re not only saving money but also reusing the same pair you like and getting the maximum value for it. 

So shoes for women are a big buy during Eid ul Fitr time as the perfect pair is the main steal, what people require and look for. So now moving on…

EID CLOTHES ft Eastern Apparel – the festive apparel fit & styles loved by all

These are the epitome of the celebration. Dressing in new clothes, getting pictures taken, gifting new clothes to loved ones etc., this Eid ul fitr it will all be the same but the only difference would be maintaining distance for the sake of ourselves and others. This does not mean we don’t get to celebrate at an individual level and be hopeful and pray for the future ahead. So whether you are alone, with your family or your loved ones, stay safe and shop online for your fave Eid jora. 

When it comes to GENERATION’S clothes uniqueness is guaranteed. You can get the best outfit which is not just perfectly designed and wonderful but also which is also probably a GENERATION outfit only you found! Due to their tactic to make a certain number of pieces of each design, ladies have the liberty to look and feel unique not just because of the GENERATION fashion but also because of the one-off feel the outfit gives. 

Apart from this Cross Stitch clothes and Motifz have unstitched collections that are really not to be missed. Cross Stitch clothes also play around with pret, which for some is super convenient but the unique designs you can pull off this Eid with an unstitched outfit is perfect! You can customize and style it however you like and get the best fabric from Cross Stitch clothes or Motifz and that too online from JOMO! You will get your delivery within the same day at a time that suits you perfectly – and for FREE!

Now the best of the best, with insane amounts of variety… Limelight clothing. This is not just stitched or unstitched but the range is quite phenomenal and WIDE, like super super wide. So you have the perfectly affordable, plethora of options and again, what better place to get it than JOMO!

EID FOR MEN featuring top stunners, iconic fits and our favourites

Now many men may stick to the simple white shalwar kameez etc for Eid ul Fitr, but you know what you need with that simple pair of clothes? A really good pair of shoes. Shoes for men are not really that difficult to choose BUT the classics always work. So even if you like to experiment with new designs, the classic brown leather sandals for Eid are all you need (could act as a safe option). This is if you are looking for casual shoes for the coming Eid, given that you are probably just staying home most of the time due to the pandemic. If you are looking for new styles, something a bit more formal, a good pair of moccasins can look incredible with shalwar kameez and super fashionable. 


In conclusion, Eid Ul Fitr does not have to be celebrated less this year, the only difference is celebrating it safely. So if you want to shop, online stores such as JOMO are the perfect options. It is a one stop shop for clothes (eastern apparel) as well as accessories and shoes for ladies! Get it delivered for free within 24 hours, which is technically NO time at all, AND you can try it before buying it to get the full satisfactory experience. So stay safe this Eid and celebrate and shop, mindfully.