Eastern Apparel Brands for Women | Online Shopping in Pakistan

The Eastern Blend

Flowy, loose, dressy yet flattering. These are all the types of Eastern apparel housed at JOMO and are yours to pick. Eastern dresses are not just a staple in the subcontinent but are also so easy and versatile to pair and wear. It is effortless and actually a perfect summer option for countries like Pakistan. JOMO has a wide range from straight cotton pants, to flowy shalwars and lawn maxi dresses to lawn shirts. From formal embroidered kameez to subtle and everyday wear, you can find it all here. From top brands like Cross Stitch, GENERATION, Limelight and Motifz, there’s truly something for everyone.

Tips and tricks to style your Eastern apparel in the best possible way

When we think about eastern apparel, we think it’s just a suit, with a shalwar kameez and sometimes a dupatta. What we don’t think about is the fact that there is a lot more ways you can style your eastern apparel.

Let’s say you buy Cross Stitch clothes, maybe a suit be it a two piece or three piece. You could also pair this with different pants or some kurtas even pair well with jeans! Such experiments give your outfit that extra oomph! They also make your Cross Stitch dresses stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Now let’s move on to more well-known Pakistani clothing brands like – GENERATION. GENERATION’s clothing is the epitome of tradition with a modern twist. Whether its ghararas, gota shirts or a simple dupatta, you can fulfil all your traditional clothes needs from this brand. GENERATION clothes are simple yet they have a certain flair to it. They can be put together with a modern twist. For example, wearing stark white sneakers with a plae blue shalwar kameez looks super cool, is super comfortable and makes you stand out!

Eastern dresses consist mostly of unstitched fabric in the summer as women prefer to get their own design made according to the perfect fit. For this, there is no better brand than Motifz. You can shop Motifz online and get the feel of the fabric and customize it to your liking.

Last but not least, Limelight summer collection is a must every season. They have a wide range of separate Limelight shirts, Limelight unstitched, pants, dupattas, Limelight pret etc., This is one of the biggest brands as it is super affordable and gives you a wide range to choose from. Seeing as it is available online on websites like JOMO, the delivery is super easy and convenient. It gives you a comfortable shopping experience with an array of options for your fave eastern dress.

Modern twists you can hack into your Eastern apparel look this summer

As previously mentioned, white sneakers are a perfect mix to bring in to your shalwar kameez desi look, when wearing GENERATION’s clothes.

Other than this, there are plenty of classic or colourful belts you can include with your eastern apparel. Drape your dupatta on one side, and fasten your waist area including the dupatta with a cool belt. This makes the outfit look unique and also quite flattering. So get your hands on Limelight’s summer collection and build up your outfit with the perfect modern twits.

Another super cool way to make your Eastern dresses stand out is through mix and match with western jeans or pants you may own. A kurta with blue jeans is an evergreen outfit and makes everyone look good. Pair it with sandals or khussas and you are ready!

Casual or formal dupattas also make for fun styles and they can spice up any outfit due to the statement they make. So take out the dupatta from your Cross Stitch clothes! You can also choose or any other eastern dupatta and pair it with plain kurta shalwar. If you want to go a bit more fancy, get a plain gharara and shirt and drape on that dupatta for the full and final look!

Eastern apparel brand we have grown to accept, shop from and love!

There’s something for everyone in most of the Pakistani clothing brands. This is why people shop, reuse, giveaway as hand me downs, gifts and also share most of these outfits because they have a sense of identity and comfort strutting this style. 

For the ladies who wear GENERATION’s clothing their unique outfits have no bounds. These can also be carried on for literally generations to come and each style will follow.

For the fans of unstitched materials, Motifz online, Limelight clothing and Cross Stitch clothes all have a part to play in making their customization dreams come true.

There is truly something for everyone when you think of Eastern dresses because the possibilities to mix and match, pair up with your favourites and accessorizing are endless.