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All About Apparel

With summertime approaching fast, we thought it’ll be a good idea to rundown a few of the looks we love. When it comes to Pakistani clothing brands, there’s a lot in store and a lot of options that can get anyone confused. From a variety of eastern wear summer dresses there’s a lot of choices, especially for ladies. We as Pakistani’s living in Pakistan have a special place for shalwar kameez in our hearts. No summer is complete without a lawn haul or shopping branded clothes, be it a light kurta design on jeans or even the complete desi look with shalwar kameez and dupatta. All in all, ladies shalwar kameez is a big hit when it comes to summer apparel.


Summer colours don’t always mean bright yellow and tangy oranges, sometimes the simpler tones are loved more as they make you feel cooler. Colours tend to have that effect… As an example take a look at GENERATION’s clothes. They take out whites and pastel tone collections for people who will love these, which is all. These neutral tones are perfect for pairing and wearing throughout the summer season.

The new summer collection of GENERATION is also not to be missed, especially since it’s available on JOMO! This includes tie and dye collection, whites and also summer friendly outfits with vibrant colours and embroidered dresses.

Another brand the ensures a good selection of eastern wear is Limelight… and the good news is this is also available on JOMO. So awesome services along with good products is guaranteed. Limelight’s summer collection of unstitched and stitched collection has 3 piece suits as well as casual kurtas that cater to all design and eastern wear needs of individuals looking for a great summer style. Other than this, Limelight clothes are a great summer fit because of their price range. With high quality apparel and affordable prices, it’s a great brand to have in your summer wardrobe. With increased shopping for summer clothes, seeing as summer season is majority of the year, brands that give you good value for money like GENERATION & Limelight are a must have.

For themes, hues and colour options, Limelight has vibrant tones, pastels and a good range of eastern wear in all of these tones so you can choose the best. So whether you like light colours or strong hues, choose from a variety of options from JOMO as we house epic eastern apparel.


Light materials provide a great comfort especially during the summer season. Lawn collections 2021 are a big hit mostly because of the comfort they provide regarding the material. This comfort is unparalleled when you take other materials in to consideration seeing as the lightness, breeziness and the flimsy draping of the cloth has an ultimate comfort effect on people.

Other than this, the flowy cuts and loose fit ladies shalwar kameez are also a crowd favourite mostly because of the airy feel they give. With GENERATION and Limelight as a good example of this. Their cuts are flattering as well as airy giving you the cool breezy feel while looking good.

Things We Love

With an increase in the types of designs and looks coming out from the summer 2021 season, there’s an influx of options for people but we’re here to breakdown what we like and what we don’t.

For now, the biggest hit is the tie and dye that everyone is raving about. These styles are cool, look great and also bring a sense of nostalgia. A large part of such style can be seen in GENERATION’s clothes. As more and more people like it, GENERATION comes up with styles that are unique yet include the crowd favourite looks. It’s a tricky task to uphold but GENERATION does it seamlessly as it has been doing for years.

Other than this, 3 piece suits are all the rage. Limelight has great suits which are great for casual wear as well as formal. For casual, prints are a must have seeing as they have a casual yet cool outlook to them. Pair it with straight trousers, a loose shalwar or even tights with a long kurta, and you have yourself an office, errand-running look.

As for formals when it comes to 3 piece suits, solids with a silk or chiffon dupatta that are printed or even printed suits with a plain duppata have a summer vibe. You can also contrast by having a darker tone dupatta with a lighter more pastel tone shalwar kameez, or kurta.

All in all, with a variety of options comes great looks and this means you can pick and choose you own personal style. So whether you like to keep it casual or look for a more formal outlook, JOMO has styles which can be delivered to you for free with zero inconvenience.