Summer Volume II for Men, Women | Buy Online Shoes & Clothing


The new summer collections are in full swing! Brands are coming up with new styles, designs and collaborations all around and trying to lure you in to the up and coming fashion. But what’s the difference between this summer collection as compared to the previous one, you ask? It’s the festive season, where Eid outfits and new collections are all that everyone is on the lookout for. The good news it, JOMO is ready to cater to the safety, brand variety and time bound nature of its customers. Due to the pandemic, JOMO is looking to avoid hindrance in your shopping during ramzan so you can shop for Eid with ease. Summer collection 2021, therefore, is also in full swing at JOMO, making it a better option for many, if not all the customers. 

Now you might be thinking what the new summer collection has to do with JOMO being a better option to shop these new designs and fashion…

Summer Service – giving you offers on apparel, footwear and accessories this summer season

It is all about the service. With a range of eastern apparel, shoes and accessories, JOMO doesn’t only have all the variety under one roof but also the impeccable service people crave. Due to the pandemic and people’s mental and physical health being at risk, online shopping may not be a priority but is a need or want for most people. In order to make this as safe and efficient as possible, JOMO is a brand that is housing everyone’s favourites under one roof while simultaneously giving you the best possible service.

So first off, what’s new when talking about shoes for women. These range from different styles and seeing as it is summer time, sandals are a crowd favourite. Apart from sandals, moccasins are also preferred by many. These have a semi-formal touch to it while being a comfortable pair of shoes for every day styling. They look great with shorts, pants, jeans and khakis. Even many people pair them with men’s eastern shalwar kameez which is a perfect light and comfortable summer outfit. 

As for men’s casual shoes that are new in during this summer volume 2. Strappy sandals with buckles Velcro and much more. A good quality sandal can go a long long way… the quality of leather, the durability of the sole etc., are all very important, if not crucial factors for a good pair of sandals. 

Eid Edit – festive footwear, eastern apparel and much much more to offer this season

Now coming towards shoes for women. As Eid approaches all brands try and take out a festive collection so that you have a chance to shop during Ramzan for the perfect pair. Apart from a good pair of shoes, a festive collection in eastern apparel is also the biggest hit. A light material and good quality fabric along with a stylish outlook, all of these factors are very important in a festive collection during this hot yet festive season. 

For designer shoes when talking about women’s interests a lot of pairs don’t have to be expensive to look good. This is why JOMO gives you the chance to wear something that’s of good quality and also super affordable and gives you a variety of options to choose from. So when talking about women’s shoes, a more sparkling and formal option is to be seen during the summer collection volume 2 as people look for options they will wear on Eid. Even when talking about women’s clothes, although the casual ones are a crowd favourite, but the festive collections start rolling in as Eid approaches.

But you know what’s the best thing about all of this festive season. Because of the pandemic, and safety of other online shopping really has become a norm, as it should be. Your own and other’s safety should always come first that’s why JOMO aims to give you a seamless shopping experience so that you can shop your favourites and get them delivered to your door step for free and that too, within 24 hours only. In many cities the option to try the order before you buy it is also very common so customer satisfaction really is through the roof. 

Eastern Apparel – the need, want and everything in between this summer season

So for clothing brands, GENERATION clothes are available and can be at your doot step any time if you choose to order from JOMO. The unique outlook of the brand and the stellar designs really make their brand a crowd favourite, be it casual or even festive clothing. If you are looking for something a little fancier, Cross Stitch clothes unstitch and stitched collection both are options you will like to explore.

Get it made in your own style or buy a ready to wear outfit, all of them are great options. When talking about stitched and unstitched options, we can’t continue the conversation without bringing up Limelight dresses. With a plethora of options, they have really won the market over for some women as they are credited as their favourite eastern wear brand. All in all, a good festive collection is what makes up the wonderful summer collection volume 2.