Why Jomo was the 1st Choice of Customer in Eid Days?


Spending time this Eid was a lot different than we are used to every other year… last year excluded. Being mindful of the COVID 19 situation and thinking of everyone’s safety before anything else! We are still trying to celebrate and enjoy traditions with the bare minimum, making this Eid so simple, yet sweet and being grateful for what all we have. Eid dresses this time around were all purchased in a different setting by everyone. Due to the lockdown, online shopping, gifting and using up already worn Eid dresses was the norm this year, and we love it! Forget dresses, even Eid shoes were purchased online this year. This not only makes us happy because JOMO has a wide range with great discounts, but it mostly makes us happy to see responsible citizens all around, shopping online, safely in their homes.

What we know about Eid shoes and why they are an essential part of the wardrobe

Eid shoes in any setting and prior to COVID, always start with shoes for women and their shopping preferences, wants and needs for the festive season. Seeing as this year around Eid came in hot… quite literally, so fancy chappals, slippers for Eid and ladies sandals were all big hits. Basically open toed shoes which look great with shalwar kameez or any other sort of Eastern apparel all look great and are considered good buys and the only buys made during the summer time. Fancy studded slippers for Eid with strappy top and kitty heeled bottoms, or block heel and a shimmery top are perfect for such an occasion such as Eid and also work well later on for formal dinners, family outings, or friendly dholkis you are always forced to attend.

Ladies’ sandals are also a great purchase since they don’t always have to be fancy and could work for a normal work day as well. These come in various styles, from strappy to one big strap to buckles and clasps. If you’ve chosen this style for Eid this year, you have plenty more places to wear these in the future, including Eid ul adha!

The same story, maybe a little less thought provoked, goes for shoes for men. They usually go for casual shoes which are obviously worn later as well and are an essential part of their wardrobe.

So for Eid shoes, the best thing is not over yet. We know you have debuted your air during the most celebrated occasion but now is the time to really use these pairs up and style them with the rest of your wardrobe. Make full use of your purchase and create occasions to wear them on, even if it is not technically an occasion… but who cares, every day can be celebrated in style.

Eastern apparel that nobody talks about after Eid – but everyone purchases

Bought a fancy suit but now have no use for it? Or so you think you have no use for it… let us assure you, you can always use it up in more places than one. Eid ul fiter sales were big this year which means brands like for you to celebrate using their signature pieces and purchase the best of the best. One of the brands with excellent selection of unstitched and stitched collection is Cross Stitch clothes.

These are perfect not just for Eid, but for events to follow. Let us give you an example; say Eid is over now and the lockdown lifts or you start going out, following all SOP’s of course, and your friend out of the blue tells you she’s getting married and you are invited to her mini engagement party (mini because of COVID of course). Well, instead of panicking about your outfit and not being the best bridesmaid for your friend, now you have a perfect formal or semi-formal in your wardrobe for this exact reason.

More Eastern apparel brands doing their job this Eid

Moving on to GENERATION’s clothes. These weren’t only signature and stand out pieces but also give you the ease of having a stitched piece of unique Eid dress in your wardrobe forever. The evergreen Limelight clothing is also a must during Eid and normal days. With an enormous amount spent on shopping for Eid, these brands are a must have even for when Eid is over and normal wardrobe ensues.

Plan your outfits timely and use up all of the best Eid ones in the future as formal settings, outings and dinners don’t end, we all know that for a fact.

In conclusion mindful and effortless shopping defined Eid this season!

JOMO houses the best, authentic brands giving you the power to shop to your hearts content, whatever you like, while simultaneously giving you the option to shop throughout the Eid holidays, something a lot of people look for and appreciate during this lockdown and COVID time. We wish for all our customers to stay safe and happy and not give up on celebrating joy whenever they can.